This wiki will be used to store information about a collaborative effort authored by Meep and Trick, first started circa 2013.


The Red Thread is an exploratory project, focusing on character development, world-building, plot threading, and relationship experimentation. What first began as a small-scale roleplay story ballooned into an original universe of almost 1000 named characters in a slightly altered reality, complete with developed lore, culture, and settings. The Red Thread is primarily a "slice of life" story, with heavy emphasis on interpersonal relationships between the diverse cast of characters and the experiences they have throughout their lives that serve to either strengthen or collapse those relationships.

The story primarily follows the young people living in Wolford, a fictional city set in a fictionalized version of the United States, though other people in other cities also have their time in the limelight. Two of the "main" protagonists are Brooke Lyons, an aspiring artist from a family larger than life; and Doug Beauregard, a soft-spoken child prodigy. In following them we are introduced to the myriad people in their lives, the various places they go, and the many experiences and events that shape them and everyone else into who they are.

Topics of all kinds are covered in the story, with effort from the authors to portray them as realistically and seriously as we feel they deserve. Subjects such as bullying, abuse, racism, homophobia, sexual encounters both consensual and non-consensual, suicide, and death are all present in the various plots as they unfold, as a story with a cast this big and diverse should reflect a diverse range of real-world issues. But these topics are balanced out by an equal number of positive real-world elements: love of all kinds, camaraderie, acceptance, justice, forgiveness, redemption, and empathy are just as prevalent if not more so.

Much time, effort, and care has been put into this story, and thus an information hub is necessary to contain the pages upon pages worth of information on every person, place, or thing described within.

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